05 October 2007

NAYTIA"Sex, Drugs and Greek Salad..." Live

live recording in Oslo,Norway, Oct 25,1988
2.MIAΣΜΑ (Black sheep)
3.ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ ΚΩΦΑΛΑΛΩΝ (Def and dumb society)
4.ΚΩΛΟΓΛΥΦΤΗ (Asslicker)
5.ΧΡΥΣΗ ΝΕΟΛΑΙΑ (Golden youth)
6.ΝΕΚΡΟ ΣΥΝΑΙΣΘΗΜΑ (Nume emotion)
7.ΑΥΡΙΟ ΠΑΛΙ (Tomorrow again)
8.ΜΗ ΜΕ ΣΑΤΑΝΙΖΕΙΣ (Dont me satanize me)
9.ΔΥΝΑΜΗ ΚΑΙ ΠΛΟΥΤΟ (For power and wealth)
10.ΔΟΓΜΑ (Dogma)
11.ΦΥΛΑΚΙΣΜΕΝΟΣ ΣΤΗ ΣΙΩΠΗ (Imprisoned in silence)
12.ΠΡΟΣΠΑΘΗΣΕ Η ΨΟΦΑ (Do or die)
13.ΛΗΘΑΡΓΟΣ (Lethargy)
14.ΜΗΝΑΣ ΓΚΑΝΤΕΜΙΑΣ (Month of bad luck)

Sex, Drugs and Greek Salad (rapidshare)

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Pogel said...

Thank you for the superb selection of music. It's always good to hear new material.