06 October 2011

Meinhof - 8 Drops Of Blood (2010)

1. From Protest To Resistance
2. We Are All, Desperate To Be Remebered
3. Hanging Around In An Anarchist Circle
4. Have We Lost Everything?
5. Exploitation Of The Beer Bellied Rebel
6. Tears In The Rain
7. For Freedom We Would Die
8. Ghetto Punk

We all live in London, but we are not an English band anyways. And maybe our name, MEINHOF gives some suggestion, that we come from Germany… We are just the international threat. There are some doubts about or name, that comes from a German activist, Urlike Meinhof… We do not support Rote Armee Fraktion, as we do not support killing people in the name of any political or religious slogans… Our name, MEINHOF is just the name of band… We believe our music and message is pretty aggressive, then MEINHOF as the name fits well to our style… but again it doesn’t mean, that we are Urlike Meinhof’s fans."...




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