06 January 2012

The Ex-Tumult (1983)

01. Bouquet Of Barbed Wire
02. Fear
03. Hunt The Hunters
04. Survival Of The Fattest
05. Red Muzak
06. Happy Thoughts
07. The Wellknown Soldier
08. Black And White Statements
09. Squat!
10. Same Old News
11. F.U.N.E.I.D.Y
12. O.S.L. (New Schvienhunt League)
13. Island Race


Subhumans-The Day the Country Died (1983)

1. All Gone Dead
2. Ashtray Dirt
3. Killing
4. Minority
5. Mickey Mouse Is Dead
6. Nothing I Can Do
7. Dying World
8. Subvert City
9. Big Brother
10. New Age
11. I Don't Wanna Die
12. No
13. Zyklon-B-Movie
14. Til' The Pigs Come Round
15. No More Gigs
16. Black And White

06 October 2011

Meinhof - 8 Drops Of Blood (2010)

1. From Protest To Resistance
2. We Are All, Desperate To Be Remebered
3. Hanging Around In An Anarchist Circle
4. Have We Lost Everything?
5. Exploitation Of The Beer Bellied Rebel
6. Tears In The Rain
7. For Freedom We Would Die
8. Ghetto Punk

We all live in London, but we are not an English band anyways. And maybe our name, MEINHOF gives some suggestion, that we come from Germany… We are just the international threat. There are some doubts about or name, that comes from a German activist, Urlike Meinhof… We do not support Rote Armee Fraktion, as we do not support killing people in the name of any political or religious slogans… Our name, MEINHOF is just the name of band… We believe our music and message is pretty aggressive, then MEINHOF as the name fits well to our style… but again it doesn’t mean, that we are Urlike Meinhof’s fans."...



02 July 2011

V.A - Antifascist Action worldwide benefit compilation

1. Freiboiter -Antifascist Oi!
2. Guerilla – The Streets are ours
3. Stockyard Stoics – Justice Denied
4. Riot Brigade – Squat
5. Obrint Pas – Des de la nit
6. Oi Polloi – They Shoot Children, don’t they ?
7. Brixton Cats – Ftp
8. Youngang – Rebel Army
9. Navigators – Little Sweetie
10. Brigada Flores Magon – RASH
11. Lost Banditoz – The only One
12. The Oppressed – United We Stand
13. The Movement – Truth Is
14. Klasse Kriminale – Reclaim The Street
15. Rejected Youth – Antifascista
16. Dancehall Satan – Kot Couture
17. Tora Bora – Bombs for the poor
18. Jeunesse Apatride – Dure Réalité
19. Derkovbois – 1977
20. The Higgins – Bush vs Schicklgruber
21. Stage Bottles – Dead But not Forgiven
22. Rote Kapelle – NNNML
23. Opcio k95 – BCN 12-0
24. Leftover Crack – Burn The Prisons
25. Rolando Random & the young soul rebels – In the mood for a riot
26. Los Fastidios – Antifa Hooligans


Fallas Del Sistema-La Guerra Es El Negocio De La Muerte (2007)

1.Himno Zapatista
2.La Guerra Es El Negocio De La Muerte
3.Verdugos Del Pueblo


Life Erased-Atop The Mountain Of Your Dead Selves (2010)

1.Hallowed Retribution
2.Apathetic Ways
3.Stench of Rotting Minds
5.Chaos In It's Wake
6.Sentenced To Life

d-beat hardcore punk from Dallas,Texas



25 June 2011

Crass-The Feeding of the 5000 (The Second Sitting) (1978)

2.Do They Owe Us a Living?
3.End Result
4.They’ve Got a Bomb
5.Punk is Dead
6.Reject of Society
7.General Bacardi
8.Banned from the Roxy
9.G’s Song
10.Fight War, Not Wars
14.You Pay
16.What a Shame
17.So What
18.Well?...Do They?



Crass - Best Before...1984

1.Do They Owe Us a Living?
2.Major General Despair
3.Angela Rippon
4.Reality Asylum
5.Shaved Women
6.Bloody Revolutions
7.Nagasaki Nightmare
8.Big A Little A
9.Rival Tribal Rebel Revel
10.Sheep Farming In The Falklands (Flexi)
11.How Does It Feel?
12.The Immortal Death
13.Don't Tell Me You Care
14.Sheep Farming In The Falklands
16.You're Already Dead
17.Nagasaki Is Yesterday's Dog-End
18.Don't Get Caught
19.Smash The Mac
20.Do They Owe Us A Living? (Live in Aberdare from last gig)


Resist and Exist - Music for Social Change

04.Buried 6 Feet Under
05.The Korean Protest song
06.The Movement
08.Sadness, Sorrow, Despair, Pain
09.The Women song
10.Every Last Life
11.Self Destruct
12.The Oppressors
13.When we meet again
14.Anti War
15.Wheat not Meat


V.A - South America In Decline

01.Ratos De Porão – Guerra Civil Canibal (Brazil)
02.Dios Hastio – Sostienes Tu Propia Derrota Ante Tu Creador (Peru)
03.Toccata & Bulla – America Cierra Tu Puño!! (Ecuador)
04.I.R.A. – Mejor Extinguido (Colombia)
05.Negative Control – Cabo!!! (Brazil)
06.Pirexia – Nuevos Caminos (Uruguay)
07.Expresa Tu Emoción – Volardes (Argentina)
08.Renuencia – Narcocapitalismo (Venezuela)
09.Putrefacción Intestinal – Clonacion (Chile)
10.Insurrecion – El Ultimo Tren (Mexico)
11.Fuerza X – Carne Es Muerte (Guatemala)
12.Enemigos De La Clase – Te Quiero En Mi Cama (Paraguay)
13.Futuro Incierto – Break Free (Peru)
14.720° – Queras Mas Poder (Argentina)
15.F.D.S. – Nascer, Crescer, Sofrer E Morrer (Brazil)
16.@patia No – Atrapado (Venezuela)
17.Redención 911 – Refugio O Prision (Chile)
18.Escatofagia – Technological Grave (Bolivia)
19.Kontraorden – Desplazamiento (Colombia)
20.Discordia – Causa O Conviccion (Mexico)
21.Parental Advisory – Quando Ja Não Consigo Suportar (Brazil)
22.200 Muertes – Cerdo Genocida (Paraguay)
23.Notoken – Comentario Malo (Ecuador)
24.Actitud Subversiva – A Quien Le Importa (Puerto Rico)
25.Hablan Por La Espalda – Diferentes Nombres Para Una Misma Secuencia (Uruguay)
26.Democratic Disorder – Guerra Por Terra (Brazil)
27.Arakãuna – 1999 (Brazil)
28.Ex-Kombro – Sin Voto (Colombia)
29.N.Y.A.B. – Guanto Eusta? (Brazil)
30.Metamorphosis – Tantas Veces (Peru)


24 June 2011

Graue Zellen-Krauts (2000)

1.Dieser Sommer
3.Warte Nicht Zu Lang
4.Was War Und Was Ist
5.Jeder Tag
7.Der Krieg
8.Der Untertan
10.Einer Von Denen
12.(Ohne Titel)
13.Nur Ein Wort